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Leba Lualdi

Co-Owner, RYT-200

I love to weave music and playfulness into a breath-based practice for a happy, healthy mind & body. Looking to strike a balance of movement, stillness, fun and meditation with a shared experience that leaves everyone feeling happy and relaxed. I believe yoga is truly for everyone and feel overwhelming gratitude to be able to share yoga with others- especially with this amazing Yoga Lounge community! We are all made of light and love. We are all in this together - let's share it! Namaste!


Eric Lualdi

Co-Owner, RYT-200

Eric's goal is always to help you keep your mind in check. Regardless of the style or difficulty level of the class, he wants to keep your focus on your breath, the alignment of the pose, and your gaze, in order to help quiet the “chitta vritti” (mind chatter). Eric was first introduced to yoga as a new way to stay in shape, after several years in the weight room, but soon found that yoga had so much more to offer than the physical benefits. As he began to practice more regularly, Eric found that his way of dealing with the world shifted, and he felt a calling to share this path to happiness with others!


Miranda Amey


Combining breath and grace in intentional movement as to create the most optimal space for change and awareness,  Miranda's classes contain creative sequencing to discover new strength and flexibility in the body and mind!  Miranda first started doing yoga as a kid with her mom, but didn't really take it seriously until college. From there, she began to notice the amazing and beautiful effects in her life and reduction in anxiety. Miranda completed her 200 hour certification in Istanbul, Turkey with Meghan Currie and Nico Luce.


Michelle Barnette


Originally looking to break out of her usual forms of physical activity, Michelle found yoga at a power yoga studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She found the fluid movements of vinyasa flow to be both physically challenging and mentally stimulating. In 2009, she completed her 200-hour yoga teaching certification at CorePower Yoga in Minneapolis and has since become certified in personal training to more thoroughly understand the physical body. In the summer of 2011 she moved to Cuyahoga Falls with her husband, Justin, and is excited to be involved in such a welcoming community.


Andrea Brechtelsbauer


Andrea's teaching style embodies a delicate balance between building fire and generating peace within. Focus and mental awareness are at the heart of her teaching. She often uses analogies, metaphors and similes in her classes and drops in many Sanskrit names names of poses (don't worry, she uses the English names too!). Andrea's teaching allows space and respect for personal creativity or modifications. She encourages personal practice and embrace community-based yoga experiences as well. Her favorite poses include baddha virabhadrasana, anjaneyasana, and ardha chandrasana.


Amy Cook


Amy loves to teach a hot and sweaty, fun loving power vinyasa class.  She likes to make everyone feel welcome, and help them to do their best regardless of their level of experience.  It’s not about how they do the pose, but about letting go of how they look in the pose. Amy completed her teacher training at Try4Life with Jan Hauenstein, and has also completed Baron Baptiste’s level I and II training.


Jen Fries


Jen creates a “no pressure” atmosphere in her classes where students of all levels can feel free to check their egos at the door, try something new, and explore yoga at their own pace.  She believes that yoga asana has transforming capabilities, but that there is much more to yoga than the physical exercise.  Jen reminds her students to take yoga off the mat into their daily lives to experience true transformation.  Experience your own “personal retreat” during one of Jen's relaxed, yet energizing classes. Jen is Reiki Level I and Level II attuned and completed 40 hour prenatal yoga training in 2013.

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Carlyn Goudas


Carlyn has over 700 hours of training, including 500 hours with Shiva Rea, who she spent a year assisting.  She has taken two trips to India to study and deepen her practice.  Carlyn feels it is important to always listen to your body, and where you are in your life cycle, and to honor that both as a teacher and as a student. She teaches fluid classes with moments of fast-paced movement to keep the heart rate up. She likes to offer a challenging classes with many options but also really loves the yin part of classes, a key component being able to open up your body and to reach your maximum potential in Asana.


Jacky Kalaani


Jacky started her yoga path at a young age. After having multiple back surgeries, and ever increasing pain due to scoliosis, her mother encouraged her to try yoga. Being a very active runner and avid exerciser, she was skeptical, but after that first session, she knew there was something more powerful to yoga than just the physical benefits. Yoga found Jacky again in college when she studied with Dawn Schroeder. This time, yoga helped her deal with the stresses and pressures of being a student and working while in school. It was yoga that helped bring back the pleasures in her life. Now Jacky chooses to live her life by combining the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga.


Sarah Knox


Sarah loves to create a positive yoga and barre environment that gets students out of their comfort zones, and focuses on body love and self acceptance. Regardless of your level of fitness she will gear the class towards your needs, and constantly remind you to listen to your body. Sarah found yoga freshman year of college, noticed the positive impact that it had on her life, and wanted to share that gift with others. She received her 200 hr yoga teacher training at YLB in 2014, and since has also received her AFAA group exercise certification as well as her NETA cycle certification. She believes in teaching alignment, safe and proper form, and that yoga/barre is for everybody!


Jen Lehaney

Power Barre Certified

Jen's focus for her clients is on alignment and protecting from injury while being able to build true strength through ballet-inspired movement. She presents a welcoming environment where she listens to her client's wants and needs and is able to pull from her dance education to give her clients a different perspective to conditioning their bodies. Jen has been dancing since the age of three and has a BA in Dance from The University of Akron. She is currently a part-time faculty member in the dance program at The University of Akron. She also teaches many styles of dance at multiple studios in the Northeast Ohio area as well being a teaching artist, master teacher, and adjudicator for pre-professional programs and competitions.  In addition to her degree, Jen has trained with Broadway Dance Center's Teacher Workshops in New York City, taken numerous masters classes with such companies as Joffrey Ballet, and performed and assisted in many different works in Ohio and beyond.  Jen completed her Barre training in March 2013.


Tiffany Prykuda


Tiffany's classes are fun, flowing, and compassionate with a little bit of a challenge.  She loves making playlists for my classes- expect to hear Florence and the Machine, The Civil Wars, Lady Gaga, Jack Johnson, Mirah, Radiohead, and many others. Tiffany completed her yoga teacher training at Yoga Lounge and Barre in October 2012, and began teaching at that time. She has studied with renowned teachers Tiffany Cruikshank, Kathryn Budig, Jason Crandell, Yiannis Andritsos, Sid McNairy, and Peter Sterios.


Lori Rapo


Lori teaches from the heart, compassionate, with emphasis on movement with breath and strength. Lori has been practicing yoga regularly since 2002. She completed her teacher training at YLB in Dec 2013 and began teaching at YLB in January, 2014. Additionally, she has been certified to teach various classes through LMI training systems, and have attended workshops with Jason Crandell, Sid McNairy and Doug Keller.


Linda Riddell


Linda's style is challenging, uplifting and welcoming with lots of opportunities to invert and play with arm balances. She encourages students to observe and accept where they are in their yoga journey and grow from there. She's fascinated by how the tiniest adjustments you make can create big changes! Linda has been teaching yoga for 5 years. She received her 200 Hour Cetifiaction from Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Institute in Massachusetts.Linda is also a Certified Personal Trainer, and holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.


Jacquie Shaw-Heller


Jacquie first discovered yoga in the 1970's, and got the teaching bug in the late 90's. She received her 200 hour certification in Kripalu Yoga as a resident of the Kripalu Institute in Massachusetts in 2008.
Since then she has obtained her E-RYT form Yoga Alliance and been back to Kripalu for a certification in Restorative Yoga and additional training in Yoga Therapy and Yin Yoga.
 "Yoga truly is for everybody, at any age. If I have a philosophy for teaching it is to encourage all students to be more aware of how they feel and less concerned with how they look - on the mat and off.
If I have a philosophy for life, it is borrowed from the Mahatma; Be the change you wish to see in the world."


Mo Trattner


A Hudson native, Mo is “over the moon” to be teaching at the Yoga Lounge and sharing her passion for yoga with her community. Always athletic, Mo sustained a foot injury while training for a marathon and found yoga via doctors orders. Mo started her practice when Amy opened her studio doors and found the stretch and strength her body needed. She is forever grateful to her teachers Kevin O’Brien, Patty Jackson, Melissa Sebes and Shane Ortega. As well as Amy Cook and Charry Morris - her certification instructors. You’ll find a judgement-free class environment that emphasizes yoga as “a practice” woven with Mo’s love of music!

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Cara Yankay


When Cara first stepped into a yoga studio in 2013 she saw that there was more to yoga than just making your body feel great. She began to discover that not only does yoga renew the outside, but also the inside, which is where the real treasure lies. Cara is forever grateful to her teachers Charry Morris, Barrie Rosencrans and the influence of Sri Dharma Mittra, Deborah Adele, and Baron Baptiste who have helped to shape her knowledge of yoga and helped cultivate a deeper understanding of the yogic tradition and philosophy. She believes that yoga can be a benefit to all people and that it is a method for helping us to become the best versions of ourselves.