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About Yoga Lounge

89 First Street, Suite 207 | Hudson, OH 44236

Yoga Lounge is about keeping it simple. It’s a place where you go to grow into your yoga practice. A place where your journey can unfold freely without expectation or judgment.  At Yoga Lounge, you will be surrounded by friends; away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. We welcome you to join in, get comfortable, and leave your shoes and worries at the door.



Yoga Lounge Blog

With the arrival of Spring, many of us find our inner voice urging us to do a little decluttering in our lives. Whether it's our closets, our bodies, or our minds, this is a great time of year to stop and ask ourselves, what's working, and what's not? What better way to encourage new Spring growth and organization than by starting each day with...

News & Events

On May 30th, Yoga Lounge will be honoring the community by offering FREE YOGA and BARRE ALL DAY!  There will also be refreshments and door prizes!  Go to the workshops page to check out the schedule!
Clients who have never been to YLB before can recieve 30 days of free yoga for just $40!  Come in today for this great deal!