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Reiki Level One Training

SHINE Reiki Level One Training
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes well-being. In order to heal, you must raise your personal vibration. It’s that simple. Scientifically speaking, a healthy human body vibrates between 62 – 72 MHz. Once you fall below this threshold you are susceptible to anxiety and stress related conditions, illnesses and diseases. Reiki is one of the quickest ways to raise the frequency of a human body (although, there are hundreds of ways). Learn how to use this ancient Japanese technique to bring about wellbeing for you and those in your life.

In this Reiki One class you will learn about Reiki; its origin, how it works, the science behind it and its benefits. You will learn the true meaning of healing and what it means to be a healer. You will also receive a Reiki One Attunement; receive training on how to preform Reiki on yourself, family and friends; experience hands on practice and much more! At the end of class, you will be presented with a Reiki One certificate. You must be present for the entire class to receive your certificate.

Is Reiki training for you?

  • Do you want to raise your vibration?

  • Do you want to alleviate/manage pain, stress and anxiety in your life?

  • Are you interested in attending to yourself, family members and friends with a special healing energy?

  • Do you have a calling and purpose to soothe and care for others?

  • Are you interested in infusing Reiki energy into everything you do, including your relationships, your food, your work, your life’s purpose?

  • Are you a yoga teacher, nurse, counselor or massage therapist and want to add another powerful aspect to your work?

  • Are you ready to start a journey of a lifetime?

***You must purchase a Student Kit and bring it with you to class. You can purchase the kit at Or if your prefer, you can purchase one from Cortney the day of the class.***

***Preregistration is required.***

If you have questions about this Reiki One class, please contact Cortney Martinelli at or visit

Taught by Cortney Martinelli, Reiki Master and CYT


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