Power Yoga



A challenging yoga flow that will strengthen, lengthen and tone your whole body while providing a breath-movement connection that will have lasting benefits to your mind and body. This class combines different levels of poses suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.  Heated to 90 degrees.  Intensity Level 3.


Power Yoga Express



Get the benefits of a powerful yoga practice in a compact 45-minute class. Get sweaty, get Zen, and still get to work on time! Heated to 90 degrees. Intensity Level 3.





This powerful, fun, high-energy cardio workout incorporates isometric muscle strengthening and sculpting. Power barre emphasizes total body toning and muscle endurance, using high-paced repetitive movements. This class incorporates classic barre exercises with a cardio and yoga twist, to improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination. Please bring a mat. Heated to 85 degrees. Intensity Level 3.


Yoga Foundations



A great place to begin exploring movement, breath, and meditation, helping you to develop flexibility, relaxation and self-awareness. With plenty of cueing and options given, this class is appropriate for Beginner to Advanced Students. 75-85 degrees. Intensity Level 2.

Gentle Flow


This class is open to all levels and is great for beginners or those searching for the more therapeutic aspects of yoga. This relaxing, gentle practice focuses on flowing into yoga poses while providing relief from pain and supporting optimal functioning of the joints, muscles, and organs.  75 degrees. Intensity level 1.




A combination of meditation and gentle supported postures using bolsters and blankets.  The emphasis in this class is in releasing tension from the body, and de-stressing and calming the mind. This class is suitable for all levels and is a great way to wind down your day. 75 degrees. Intensity level Zen :)