Girlvana: Yoga, Meditation, and Community for Teen Girls

Join Nikki Costa in this workshop for girls age 13-18.

Girlvana teaches teen girls the tools of yoga and meditation while providing strong mentorship with a raw and heartfelt approach.

The Workshop
School, sports, family, social media drama - we know. It can all add up to a lot of stress. Girlvana Yoga is about connecting you back to what's important- your truest self. Expect your favorite music, authentic convo's, new friends, and a fun yoga practice that brings us back to our center. Part yoga, part dance party, and part girl gang - it's the most positive community of girls FOR girls.

Who is Girlvana for?
Girlvana is for the girl who is curious about spirituality. The girl who needs an outlet. The girl who needs a safe space to be herself. Ages 13-18.

The Mission
The world needs you to be you. Find your unique voice, your truest self and share that with the world. We need you.